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Margaret in Chad

Excerpt from a letter from Margaret’s father, William Shutzius:

“My daughter, Margaret Schutzius, was a United States Peace Corps Volunteer. Because she was fluent in French, she was sent to Chad. Most of the time she was a Moundou in Southern Chad teaching English to school children. When her duties were over in Moundou, she extended her two year commitment to the Peace Corps for several months and worked in Ndjamena preparing teaching materials for other Peace Corps volunteers.

She had a difficult time in Chad, and at one point was sent back to the United States for treatment of schistosomiasis. The treatments were long and painful. She could have stayed in the United States at that time and ended her Peace Corps commitment honorably, but her devotion to her work and to the children of Moundou was very strong. She insisted on returning to Chad when she recovered.

When she left Ndjamena on September 19, 1989 she was bound for Paris. She was to meet a friend there, and they planned to tour Europe for a few weeks. That would have been a well deserved holiday after many months of hard work and discomfort in Chad. Had she lived, she would have returned to the University of Chicago and completed her degree in French Language and Literature. She was twenty-three years old.

I cannot describe the anguish of the family and her friends when we learned of her murder. I am sure the families of all the victims had the same feelings of crushing grief. Time has eased the overwhelming pain, but we shall all be sadder people the rest of our lives.”

– Letter shared by Margaret’s brother, Christopher Schutzius

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