Robert Bock


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Robert and his niece, 1988.

Photos shared by Robert's niece.

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2 Responses to Robert Bock

  1. Christina Knoell. Group 247 says:

    I met Bob shortly after his training. Super guy! I saw him just about every weekend in Iloilo City. We visited each other’s sites. I was getting ready to go home, after my 2-years. He was just getting started. He struggled a little bit in the beginning. We all did. He was very committed. He was a good friend. Soon after I got back to the states, I found out the news. I was crushed. I will always remember him. I wrote his parents a letter.

  2. Marnee says:

    Bob was in my Peace Corps training group and was a big influence on all of us. He was always thoughtful, caring and at the same time ready to get involved, play, have fun and joke around. After I lost my father, Bob was the single person most able to help me get through it. I still miss him dearly.