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I  never met Peter, but from what I read here, he obviously epitomized the moral ethical ideals that Bishop Spong hopes for us to come to, fulfilling all those concepts  we mulled over tonight. How very many places he  must still exist.  And this may sound trite or unfeeling, but  I feel how lucky you are to have had  the  years that you did with such a son.  And  for some reason I want to sign this with "God Bless"

Dear Willard, Joan, and John Wolfe: Peter and I were friends during his time at Marlboro College, and he was among my best friends at that time. He brought many, many laughs to us, and offered wisdom in his understated way. I still think of him often, and still miss him. I'd like you to know that even after all these years, Peter's touch on some of us is still very strong.

-Tim Tibbits

Dear Dr. & Mrs. Wolfe and John,

Found this page sort of by accident this morning, and it made me so happy, and so sad. I wanted to let you know that I still think of Peter, especially in the spring when I drive past the apple orchard in Marlboro that he took me to one evening when it was in full bloom. What a gift he was. I still miss him.

-Dianna Noyes

It is people like Peter in this world who make it a better place. Knowing his parents, I think he had the best childhood one could have and a sense of being so he was able to give to others as he did. God Bless Peter and God Bless the Peace Corps.

-Mary Jo 

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