Individual Memorials

Peace Corps Partnerships:

Alden Landis Memorial Fund

Craig Pollock Memorial Fund

Emily Balog Memorial Fund

Kate Puzey Memorial Fund

Lena Jenison Memorial Fund

Stephanie Chance Memorial Fund


Remembering Wyatt Ammon

Zambia Education Fund

Julia Campbell Memorial Foundation

Costa Memorial Scholarship

(On donations form, please indicate Louisiana Alpha Chapter, Costa Memorial Scholarship)

Deep Roots

Deep Roots was created by PCVs in memory of Joie Kallison and committed to girls’ education in developing countries with projects in Namibia, Guatemala, Nepal, and Zambia.

Salamatu Foundation

Salamatu supports educational projects in Namibia in memory of FPCV Kyrstin Scharninghausen.

The Rodriguez Program

Washington University’s Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program recognizes students of exceptional merit who demonstrate academic and leadership achievements, along with the passion for service exemplified by Annika Rodriguez.

Jeremy Rolfs Memorial Scholarship Fund

In Memory of Catherine Saltwick

The Jesse Thyne Memorial Fund A film documenting the lives of fallen volunteer Jesse Thyne and Amadou Diallo.


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