Gerald Flynn

From a Fellow Volunteer:

I served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador from 1964-1966. I worked as a civil engineer on several infrastructure projects. In early 1966 I asked for assistance from the Quito head office because I needed help to create a topographic survey of a region near Santo Domingo de los Colorados. I had inherited responsibility for completing a bridge over one of the local rivers, but discovered one morning after a three day rain that the river overtopped the bridge piers.

Gerald Flynn and Paul Bond were seconded to me. They had completed their assignments and were waiting discharge from the Corps. They took a bus to Santo Domingo. We met and went right to work. The project took about a week. Each of us spent ten hours a day in the tropical sun, taking measurements. Then we returned to Santo Domingo, and over the next two days I completed the map. The result was good.

During our time together we worked hard, laughed hard, drank a lot of beers, and talked about the future. Gerry was returning to Tennessee, Paul to Seattle. Since I planned on going to Seattle to work for Boeing at the conclusion of my term of service, later in 1966, Paul and I agreed to look each other up.

They were quite excited to finish their Peace Corps term, because they planned to visit Macchu Picchu before returning to the US. We said goodbye, and I thought that was that.

Several days later, in Quito, I overheard a Short Wave Radio transmission between the Peace Corps Office and the US Embassy in Lima, Peru. The discussion topic was dental X-ray records for Gerry and Paul. Their flight from Lima to Cuzco crashed into a mountain in bad weather, with complete loss of life.

I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of those two good guys. I attempted to find Paul’s family in Seattle when I moved there, without success.

Bless their memories.
-Regards, Nick Graves, PC Ecuador Education 1964.


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  1. Bee Carr September 14, 2020 at 12:50 pm #

    Correction — The cemetery is Holyrood Cemetery in Shoreline, Washington.

  2. Bee Carr September 13, 2020 at 2:41 pm #

    Gerald Flynn was from Seattle. He is buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Shoreline, WA north of Seattle. He had. Twin brother, Michael, and a sister, Kathleen.

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