Sandra Smith

Fred and Sandra Smith were in Peace Corps 32 in Bolivia. They were staff members at a new technical school in El Alto, a suburb high above La Paz. Part of this program was to train college graduates to train building trade workers. Sandra died from an illness caused by living at an elevation of 13,615 feet in El Alto.

-Information and training photo shared by Richard Engen, a fellow Bolivia PCV

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  1. Bill Miller May 30, 2017 at 3:40 pm #

    I worked the last few months before we were kicked out of Bolivia(1971) on the Escuela Sandra Smith on the outskirts of El Alto. I trucked supplies and construction materials up from La Paz and assisted the skilled laborers wherever I could in the construction. I didn’t know Sandra. I’d only been in-country since Sept of 70. But I had to assume Sandra had left her mark, and was honored to help on the school that now bore her name.

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